Activision and Berghs School of Communication invited students to interpret the latest expansion of the action shooter game Destiny 2. The brief was to create an innovative, visual interpretation of Destiny 2: Forsaken. The chosen art pieces were exhibited at Dreamhack Winter 2018, the largest digital gaming festival in the World. 
Weapons are a central part of Destiny 2: Forsaken, where the players pick their “weapon of choice”. The weapon communicates the players’ level and can be seen as a symbol of status. Therefore, the player often has an emotional connection to the weapons that they use. In this project I collaborated with Nadia Silva and we created a tribute to five different weapons which we call 
Print of Choice. From the old loved (or hated) ones to the newer exotic weapons from the new expansion of the game. We found inspiration from pop-art with bold colors, stylized shapes and the screen print craftmanship. Five weapons were displayed in a new context to create a tension and contrast between the digital gaming world and the real world. 
Alice Hedin
Nadia Silva 

Printing method: Screen print on colored paper 
Size: 700x1000 mm

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