Create the future packaging of vodka.
Business challenge
We are facing major challenges when it comes to sustainability and consumption. Absolut Vodka produce over 600.000 bottles a day, and the majority gets shipped all around the globe. A potential risk for their business would be upcoming legislative changes regarding restrictions in shipping and packaging materials.
Purpose of the project
Their packaging is simply the most important vessel for communicating their vision and brand story, and it needs to live up to their ambition and the quality of the liquid it contains. Absolut needs to be prepared, and future-proof the brands survival even without it’s iconic glass bottle. They need a sustainable packaging solution for the future.
Solution and concept
We add an extra dimension to their existing concept One Source. As the grain of the wheat is used to produce vodka; redundancy will be mitigated by using the straw of the wheat for the bottle. This way the whole plant is utilized, resulting in a bottle made out of 100 percent biodegradable bioplastic. 
We realized that the keeping of the iconic silhouette of the current bottle was of crucial value, due to its prominent part of Absolut’s history and brand recognition. To combine this task with a sustainable solution in terms of logistics, we made a flat design. With our design, Absolut could cut their shipping by 50 percent and still manage to distribute the same amount of vodka. 
The bottle has a new side facing the consumer – it’s spine. In stores, at bars or in your home the bottles will easily be stored and exposed. Brag with your Absolut collection in a more area-efficient manner. 

Alice Hedin
Tove Zetterquist
Tua Henry
Concept and design was made by the whole team. 3D artwork is done by me in Cinema 4D. 
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