The brief was to animate the company’s logotype in a way that catches the company’s spirit and amplifies how they would like to be perceived. The animation had to work both with or without a descriptive explanation. The animation was supposed to be used as a cover video on the company’s Facebook page and as an introduction to a presentation or talk. 

My interpretation of the company was that they had a well-defined and explicit idea of their brand, who they collaborate with, what costumers they work with and that they conduct their business in a transparent way. 

During my ideation process I identified troubles with understanding how to pronounce the company name, and I wasn’t alone. When I understood that it was pronounced as “frankly” and that the logotype actually was the word “frankly” written by using phonetic writing, it all made sense. Their process and the core of the brand were reflected in the company name and logotype. I saw an opportunity to amplify the impression and spirit of the brand as “frankly”. This was executed by visually unriddling the phonetics for the observer. They requested to be perceived as humorous, up-to-date, sharp, professional, as a positive force and curious, which aspects I took in to consideration. 

The concept I came up with was, as hinted at earlier, to convert the word “frankly” to their logotype by moving letters and give room for other letters and elements of their logotype. I wanted the logotype to feel alive and move the letters in an organic way. When the static, rigid letters are moved they get a softer and more organic feel to them and my vision was to create the illusion that the letters were made out of an elastic material. I found inspiration in the company’s graphical profile where I found an organic vibe and a contrast between fluidity and rigidity.

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